Welsh budget settlement, waste collections, North Wales growth bid and Gypsies and Travellers Site Provision

I’m sure we’ve all noticed that the nights are really drawing in now; summer seems a long way behind us and Council services are deep in to preparation for the winter which we hope is kinder to North Wales than the last one. The rural nature of our County makes bad weather a real concern; the risk of communities and particularly the vulnerable people who might live there becoming isolated is a real worry for us and a priority as we plan for the winter ahead....

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Denbigh and Flint show, leisure developments, CAD and getting to know our staff and wards

It’s been a little while since my last blog, for which I can only apologise to you all, but it’s been a very busy time so on the plus side I have lots to talk to you about. One of the best but also the most challenging things about being a Chief Executive is that you need to have your fingers on many pulses and keep many plates spinning – which means that every day is different...

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